At present, people rely on IT equipment and information process facilities to provide Internet services. We also need robotic systems to support the advanced engineering and manufacturing industry. The security power supply unit plays a crucial role in running these installations. The redundant power supply serves as the backup power source that ensures the uptime of the equipment or a system. The power supply failure kills the access to servers and shuts down machines. In many cases, the interruption of the power supply even damages the equipment. To avoid such circumstances, there is a need for applying back up   power source   such as the Redundant Power Supply (RPS).

The redundant power supply units typically come with large-scale or heavy-duty applications. As building a server room or a security system involves installing the redundant power supply and the security power supply respectively, the industrial facilities utilize Heavy-duty DC Power Supply as a norm. The heavy-duty DC power supply units are constructed with durable ircuits and components to attain high reliability. Acro holds a wide selection of various types of power supplies for you to choose from. Just scroll down to view our product lines or send us an email inquiry, we will be more than happy to support you and reply promptly.